Fuck Yes oven-roasted chicken

You can’t even tell those veggies are cold because I don’t have a microwave. Also damn, I should get a better camera than my iPhone 4.

I’m not even going to pretend I came up with this recipe. I will say that I actually yelled “Fuck yes!” when I had my first bite of this. Alone, in my apartment, while reading Reddit.

Here’s the original recipe from The Kitchn. I just added some dried-up fresh thyme that the very nice grocer down the street gave me for free when I said “thank you” in Korean. I’ve actually avoided the place because I don’t want to go back without having learned more words. Is that weird? Whatever.

Bonus: panfried chicken drippings GRAVY!!!
Double bonus: I have lots of bones and I will be making chicken stock out of them.

Yeah okay cool. Lunch tomorrow is going to be awesome.