Thank you Bekka for the photo!

Update Sup! Currently Society6 is doing an awesome artist promotion where shipping is free when you use a referral link. Works until midnight PDT, March 17!


Guys! Guys!

For a while I’d been thinking about making dope custom shirts for dance class and I finally got my act together, finished a design that I had started months ago, opened a store at Society6 and threw that ish up.

And then I bought one. And it arrived today!

Because that’s all I really wanted. If you like it too and you buy one, bonus! (Plus I get a cut! Super bonus.)

Right now I just have two designs (this one and a Tolkien quote I originally made for Rusty), and Society6 automatically makes prints and other things when you post artwork. If you’re into it, buy one! And if you’re really into it, you should set up an account. Hellll yeah.