Super Bowl XLVII prop bets

Kevin and I are currently in DC for the weekend. We are celebrating our epic romantic matchup, which began one year ago on Super Bowl Sunday.

One of my resolutions this year is to get more familiar with sports, and there is not a better opportunity for me to start getting invested than when bragging rights and food are at stake. The following are our predictions for the Super Bowl (to be updated as the results come in).

Game (dinner)

Kevin: San Francisco 49ers
» Yoko: Baltimore Ravens

Proposition bets (1 slice of pizza per bet)

Alicia Keys’ hair
Kevin: Up
» Yoko: Down

Length of National Anthem
Kevin: Under 2:10
» Yoko: Over 2:10

Coin toss
» Kevin: Heads
Yoko: Tails

First team to score
» Kevin: Ravens
Yoko: 49ers

Ravens interceptions
» Kevin: 1 or under
Yoko: 2 or over

Kickoff or punt return touchdown
» Kevin: Yes
Yoko: No

Ray Lewis cries
Kevin: Yes
» Yoko: No

Colin Kaepernick kisses bicep
Kevin: 2 or over
» Yoko: 1 or under

Destiny’s Child reunion???
Kevin: No

Color of liquid dumped on winning coach didn’t happen
Kevin: Clear
Yoko: Red