Weddings + Smilebooth

Jen and Jonnie!

This weekend I and some Studiomates had the supreme pleasure and honor of attending Jen and Jonnie’s wedding. There, I also experienced my first Smilebooth.

With Kevin, Rusty, and Bekka

After hearing rave reviews from Bekka, I was eager to get some goofy fun shots.


The ultimate photobomb by Jonnie

Going to Jen and Jonnie’s wedding also allowed me to see the couple with their respective families, which was very fun for me because I have this weird thing where I constantly marvel at how family members look alike.

The groom and bride with his/her respective fam

After having known a friend for some time, meeting a family member tends to be a shocking experience for me. I suddenly see not just my friend and his sibling or parent, but an entire lineage of people. And then I think about the infinite configurations of visual characteristics a human can possess, and how my friend and his family possess a set of these common physical traits that makes them look alike but distinguishes them from other people, and my mind explodes a little.