Yoko.is v3

*Now with full-width images! * Yay, I pushed a redesign! Aside from the usual “I got tired of the last version” stuff, here’s what brought about the change:

  • In my last version, the site content didn’t have any padding on the sides and therefore touched the edges when the window was smaller.
  • Adding some color. I know, this isn’t much, but if you knew me at all then you’d probably know that I don’t stray far from black, white, and grey.
  • Trying my hand at using media queries to make a mobile-optimized version.
  • Making a blog that accommodated both wide images (like the one in this post) and square or tall images, and creating different treatments of the images and captions for each.

Other new things:

There are some baseline tweaks that I really want to fix but I probably should be doing other things. Hooray! Cheers, y’all.