Yoko is giving up eggs

to finish this microsite about giving stuff up

Good bye, delicious food.

Despite bewilderment and discouragement from concerned friends and family, I managed to do this giving up thing twice. I figured it was only appropriate that I have something to show for it, and so #3 was born: Give up eggs until I finish a website about giving stuff up.

All things considered, eggs are probably my favorite versatile food (my favorite all-time food is Japanese curry). It is essential in many baking recipes, plus you can put it on pretty much anything and voilà, breakfast! I freaking love breakfast.

I’m giving up eggs amid my colleagues telling me I am crazy and my mother demanding how I am going to get enough protein in my diet. Hopefully, this Giveup won’t go the way of pizza, where I found that I could probably live my life without ever eating it again (obviously, once I completed my Rails course, I ate pizza on the reg).


Updates on giving up eggs

  • Super attractive photo of me for image testing purposes

    After a couple weeks of “not having time” to work on the site, I’ve been spending more and more blocks of hours shirking all social responsibilities and chipping away at the theme. I feel like I’ve been saying “I think this weekend will be the weekend I finish the site” for the last couple weekends. The end feels so close, but even after the theming is done I still have to:

    • Populate Siteleaf with old posts from Scriptogram
    • Add some imagery to the Giving Up section
    • Fill out some of the copy I haphazardly started writing throughout the site
    • Switch the site to yoko.is (currently it is running live through a different URL), and hopefully get the Amazon AWS thing set up (I have like, 2% of an idea of what that means)

    Gotta just keep going.

  • I am getting myself to a farmer’s market and buying a dozen farm fresh eggs. I am also going to buy myself my first cast-iron skillet.

    I am also going to buy a honing wand just because.

  • And I’m not ready 2013 Aug 24

    In a couple senses of the word:

    1. I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like without eggs.
    2. I still have eggs left over from the dozen I bought last week.

    As such, although (evidently) I am already working on this Siteleaf site, I think this round of Giving Up will officially begin when I run out of those eggs. I am on borrowed time. I am terrified.

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