Yoko is giving up eggs

Oct 19 2013

Close to finishing the theme ...

Super attractive photo of me for image testing purposes

After a couple weeks of “not having time” to work on the site, I’ve been spending more and more blocks of hours shirking all social responsibilities and chipping away at the theme. I feel like I’ve been saying “I think this weekend will be the weekend I finish the site” for the last couple weekends. The end feels so close, but even after the theming is done I still have to:

  • Populate Siteleaf with old posts from Scriptogram
  • Add some imagery to the Giving Up section
  • Fill out some of the copy I haphazardly started writing throughout the site
  • Switch the site to yoko.is (currently it is running live through a different URL), and hopefully get the Amazon AWS thing set up (I have like, 2% of an idea of what that means)

Gotta just keep going.

All yields