Yoko is giving up pizza

to learn Ruby on Rails

Completed March 2013

As Frank Chimero once brilliantly tweeted, “Pizza is the best food, because sharing is built into how it’s served.”

I had been a fly-on-the-wall observer of Rails-related activity at work. Tattly is built on Rails, and Rusty was building some cool stuff with it, so I was interested in learning more. I had been a subscriber of Lynda at the time, so I figured a course on Rails would be a good thing to learn.

I can’t recall exactly how all this got started, but I remember Kevin and I deciding that this first Yield would involve not eating pizza — Studiomates’ unofficial food and communal meal of choice. We figured that the pressures to partake in the social aspects of eating pizza together would motivate us to reach our goals faster.

The social pressures were strong, and many friends were horrified at the prospect of willingly avoiding pizza. But as the months dragged on during our goal-reaching, we both realized that we could live without it. At the end of the day, I finished the Rails course out of principle, not to quell the painful desire to eat pizza again.

The very first slice of pizza I had after my embarrassingly long hiatus was actually an incredibly shitty one that I bought and ate alone in Times Square before dance class. The second slice I had was at Grimaldi’s with Kevin and some relieved friends. I have eaten many slices of pizza since.

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